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IKG Cultural Resource Center is an educational organization that is devoted to the re-discovery and application of ancient African history, culture and wisdom. It was founded in 1981 by Anthony T. Browder who sought to challenge the distorted perceptions of Africa that are perpetuated in the media and in classrooms worldwide. As the architects of civilization, ancient Africans developed the humanizing principles which established the foundation for world civilization. It is within this framework that IKG concentrates its research and disseminates its findings in an effort to demystify history and present knowledge that can be readily applied in a practical and personal manner.
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Anthony T. Browder writes about the National Geographic lies and falsehoods: "What Dr. [Carter G.] Woodson referred to as mis-education, social scientists now call 'cognitive dissonance.' Both states of mind can be summed up in the declaration, 'My mind is already made upÖdonít confuse me with the facts.' These intellectually stifling states of un-consciousness can be minimized and overcome when one learns to recognize falsehoods and replace them with sound, factual data....Thus, it is in the spirit of Dr. Woodson (and Black History Month) that I submit my assessment of the falsehoods imbedded within the National Geographic 'Black History Month' cover story for your consideration."
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